Premium Global Data Centres

Closer datacenter means faster loading time. Find the best location Suitable for you.

Premium speed you need and the network you can depend on!

Premium RDP  operates world-class carrier-neutral data center facilities, consisting of multiple top tiered network providers. Our system is designed to automatically select the fastest route to transfer your data. Test our networks now:
Country NameLocationIP AddressDownload File
United States 1New York, New York Now
United States 2United States, Dallas45.42.201.75Download Now
United States 3US,California,Santa Clara Now
United States 4United States, San Francisco,CA104.245.36.134Download Now
United States 5United States, Dallas Now
United States 6United States ,Orlando Florida209.208.110.164Download Now
United States 7United States, New York City Now
United States 8United States, Ashburn, VA Now
United States 9United States,  New Jersey Now
United States 10United States, Los Angeles, CA Now
United States 11United States, Texas, Dallas Now
United States 12United States,  Las Vegas Download Now
United States 13United States, Colorado Download Now
United States 14United States,  Florida199.102.65.118Download Now
United States 15United States, Buffalo, NY Now
United States 16United States, Virginia Now
United States 18United States,  Massachusetts Now
United States 19United States,  Nevada Download Now
Germany Nuremberg, DE Now
Finland Helsinki Download Now
Netherlands 1Netheland– Amsterdam Now
Netherlands 2Nethelands, Amsterdam Now
Netherlands 3Nethelands, Amsterdam Now
United Kingdom 1London – UK Now
United Kingdom 2 London Now
United Kingdom 3 (Residential) Manchester77.81.107.103Download Now
United Kingdom 4 (Residential) England Now
Romania (Residential) Bucuresti Now
Canada Toronto – Canada Now
China (Residential) Hong Kong Now
Saudia Arabia (Residential) Riyadh,KSA Now
United Arab Emirate 1 (Residential) Dubby Dubai45.9.249.211Download Now
United Arab Emirate 2 (Residential) Dubayy, Dubai86.96.202.170Download Now
United Arab Emirate 3 (Residential) Dubai Download Now
United Arab Emirate 4 (Residential) Dubai Download Now
Philippines (Residential) Manila Download Now
Malaysia (Residential) Selangor Now
South Korea (Residential) Seoul-teukbyeolsi Now
Oman (Residential) Muscat Now
Kazakhstan (Residential) Almaty Now
Denmark Albertslund Now
Brazil (Residential) São Paulo Now
Russia (Residential) Moscow92.38.139.217Download Now
Lithuania (Residential) Vilnius Now
China (Residential) Zhejiang, Hangzhou140.205.81.14Download Now
Czech Republic (Residential) Jihocesky kraj80.211.195.70Download Now
New Zealand (Residential) Auckland103.231.90.122Download Now
Chille (Residential) Maule Region45.236.129.194Download Now
Pakistan 1Islamabad15.186.182.63Download Now
Pakistan 2 (Residential) Rawalpindi210.56.14.146Download Now
Egypt (Residential)  Cairo41.215.240.119Download Now
Ukraine (Residential) Kremenchuk91.229.76.1Download Now
Spain (Residential) Madrid, Comunidad de92.38.171.11Download Now
Hungry (Residential) Budapest194.71.130.254Download Now
Belgium (Residential) Oostkamp192.71.249.167Download Now
Azerbaijan(Residential) Baku94.20.74.2Download Now
Thailand (Residential) Bangkok103.22.182.10Download Now
Italy (Residential) Milan92.223.93.184Download Now
India(Residential) Mumbai185.105.1.143Download Now
Belarus (Residential) Brest93.125.114.12Download Now
Estonia DC 1(Residential) Tallinn176.112.145.163Download Now
Oman (Residential) Muscat185.64.25.205Download Now
Mexico(Residential) Queretaro213.156.157.124Download Now
France(Residential) Paris79.133.120.229Download Now
France(Residential) Hauts-de-France158.255.215.85Download Now
Houston USA (Residential) Houston216.230.232.122Download Now

What do Our Premium Datacenters offer?

Power redundancy, solid security and geographical proximity for your projects around the world!


Enterprise-level access control, constant monitoring and complex network of security systems. We take it seriously!


It is easier to talk about a service and how good it is. However, we maintain world-class certification to prove it’s quality!

Power Redundancy

It requires careful planning & implementation.We design our datacenters for maximum uptime

Geographical Proximity

Our datacenters are strategically located on different continents for closer geographical proximity and greater performance

Max Power Load

Capacity of 150+ Gbps and 10+ Gbps between network layers. Fully scalable and reliable solution for your websites!

Strategic Locations

A datacenter closer to your visitors will result in better loading time of your website. Do not compromise with speed and choose carefully


Every single detail in our datacenters is carefully planned and implemented for greater efficiency

High-end Physical Security

Physical security is great when done right. 24/7/365 trained guards and CCTV monitoring allow access to authorized personnel only