Earn Money by Starting a Hosting Company

Specially configured infrastructure and software solutions tailored for web professionals, whether you’re an agency, freelancer, web designer, or reseller.

Get a discount of 05% for the whole series of  VPS & Dedicated Server Except Premium Cloud

Premium offers you to earn money with us, by participating in a program of reselling VPS & Dedicated Servers.

How Does It Work ? 

Receive an order for a server

Buy a server at Premium RDP with a discount

Sell it to your client with a profit for yourself

Get a nice profit because of the price difference

You will receive your profit immediately!

Discount +margin =your profit that you will receive right after your first offer.
Forget about the term of recoupment, any kind of additional expenses and other difficulties – it is all vague.

How can become a Reseller

Only partners who want to resell our services in huge amount to third parties can participate in our program.
The main condition is that you have to have your own web-site and sell not less than 6 servers in 3 months