How to Use Windows VPS On Android or iOS Device (Smartphone or Tablet)

Download remote access application on your Android device from the Google Play store or iOS Apple Store We have mentioned the steps for application “Microsoft Remote Desktop”.

iOS devices: iPhone, iPad

Android devices: Smartphones, tables

Download link Android Device: –

Download link  iOS (Apple) Device: –

Note: It is recommended to get a compatible application from the Google Play /iOS Apple Store only.

1.Open RDP client Application.

2.Tap on (+) button and click on the Desktop.

You will see the Desktop Detection dialog box. Click on Add Manually to add your server. Fill the following details in Add Desktop.

PC Name: Your VPS/Dedicated server IP Address.(Your Will Receive IP Address on Your Registerd Email From Us)

Username: Add user account or Enter every time.

For Username, select the option which you like to Enter every time or Add user account. For security reasons, it is recommended to Add user account.

Provide the Username and Password of your server and tap on save button.

Username : vps username (You Will Receive Username on your registered email from us)

Password : vps password (You Will Receive Username on your registered email from us)

Tap on the server name and connect to your server. It will load your profile and you will connect your server.

Greetings ! You are now connected to your Windows VPS server using Remote Desktop Connection.