Fully Managed Offshore Dedicated Servers In Russia

•Anonmoys •DMCA Free  Better Pricing • Fast SSD Storage • Hack-free Protection • Real 24/7 Technical Support

Our Offshore Dedicated Servers In Russia are carefully designed to ensure a reliable, robust and incredibly satisfactory hosting experience. With Premium RDP  you can sign up anonymously to ensure your privacy is protected and you can obtain free DDoS protection, full control over the server including its OS, and hardware. No matter whether your business thrives on a Windows server or a Linux-based environment, Premium RDP offers comprehensive and reliable solutions for both.
If the location of your server and the privacy of your information are your primary concerns, you have come to the right place.

Intel Xeon L5640 x2 Russia2.9GHz /4.2GHz, 12c/24t 32 GB DDR3 4 TB SSD60 TB 1 Gbps Network PortFree Setup$195/moORDER NOW

Intel Xeon L5640 x2

Russia2.9GHz /4.2GHz, 12c/24t 64 GB DDR3 4 TB SSD60 TB 1 Gbps Network PortFree Setup$215/moORDER NOW

Intel Xeon L5640 x2

Russia2.9GHz /4.2GHz, 12c/24t 128 GB DDR3 4 TB SSD60 TB 1 Gbps Network PortFree Setup$315/moORDER NOW

Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2

Russia2.4GHz /3.4GHz, 16c/32t 64 GB DDR3 4 TB SSD60 TB 1 Gbps Network PortFree Setup$315/moORDER NOW

Control Panel Options

You can Install Any Control Panel on our Dedicated Servers,Completely Managed Servers


Scriptable, distributed and object oriented Hosting Platform
Manage Clients, Resellers, Etremely Reliable

+ $10/mo.

Windows/Linux Compatible Panel
1 Click WordPress Install
Plesk Power Pack Available


+ $40.00/mo.

Website Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, + more
Optional Fantastico: Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, + more


Services included with your server


A DDoS attack aims to render a server unavailable by overloading it with simultaneous requests from several points on the internet.


60 preconfigured distributions

With Premium You can benefit from a wide selection of open-source distributions, virtualisation hypervisors, graphic interfaces and online storage and sharing solutions.


Monitoring 24/7

In the event that your server stops responding (no Ping response), our technical teams are present 24/7/365 in the different datacentres.


Simplified administration interface

You can access your server’s essential elements (CPU, RAM, installation templates, etc.) in just a few clicks in the control panel.


Triple electrical supply

The datacentres are fed by two electrical power supplies. The electricity generators can continue  for 96hrs, allowing for any possible network failure to be repaired.


Remote reboot and Reinstallation

In our management interface, you can reboot and reinstall your server in a single click.


Power Uptime SLA

All fibre optic connections are at least redundant, and in some instances tripled. This makes it possible for us to guarantee you a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Custom reverse

You can configure RDNS for your severs with simple click free of cost


Stability, quality, privacy and many more.

Managed Servers

If you get a dedicated server from us your service will be fully managed which means we will setup for you everything, optimize and secure things, you will get full root access too.



If you need to customize or you are unsure about something on the dedicated server you will get please contact us so we assist you and advice you, we can do everything you want.



Our high priority is clients privacy, we wont share, rent or share your data information’s, you will have highly privacy with our services and high confidence with our staff.


Setup Free

You wont be charged with any setup fees, all will be free by us and we will setup your dedicated server as soon as possible once we receive the order, there is no hidden fees.